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Ordinances and Codes

  • ORDINANCE NO. 3500- 16 was created in 2016 to allow the construction of the Berkshire low barrier housing.
  • RCW 39.33.015 was created in 2018 to allow government owned land to be leased or gifted for affordable housing development.
  • ORDINANCE NO. 3686- 19 is the temporary moratorium on such housing in single family neighborhoods in Everett until the City Council can fully examine ORDINANCE NO. 3500- 16.

ORDINANCE NO. 3686- 19
Notice of City Council Public Hearing on EMERGENCY ORDINANCE MORATORIUM on Supportive Housing in Single Family Residential Zones (2019)

RCW 39.33.015
Transfer, lease, disposal of public property for affordable housing. (2018)

ORDINANCE NO. 3500- 16
An Ordinance authorizing” Supportive Housing” in various
residential and commercial zones, amending Ordinance Nos. 1671- 89
EMC Title 19, Zoning) and 2530- 01(2016)

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ReThink Zoning

ReThink Zoning is a new effort by the City Planning Department to streamline zoning. It also appears to be striving to facilitate more density in current single family zoned areas. Planning Commission meetings happen twice per month. ReThink Zoning is the first item on the July 16th meeting agenda.

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